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Gazette Notification by the MHRD on the parity of qualification
awarded by AIU to foreign Degrees

National Autonomous University of Mexico




Guidelines & Application Format of Equivalence to Fellow Programme

AIU Ph.D. Guidelines (please click here)

Ph.D. Application Form (please click here)



Performa for consideration of Equivalence of Two Year Full-time P.G.D.M. Programme with MBA Degree
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Name of the Institutions whose Two Year Full Time Postgraduate Diploma in Management has been equated with MBA Degree for purpose of Higher Education


(On Equivalence of Degrees)


JUST RELEASED………………………………

Association of Indian Universities in the nodal agency for granting academic equivalence to the degrees awarded by the accredited foreign universities / Institutions for purpose of admission to higher courses. Over the years, the flow of foreign students joining Indian Universities has increased considerably which has necessitated us to bring out the revised edition.

It contains the details of equivalence accorded to foreign qualification by the Association of Indian Universities and universities in the country and also the mechanism for granting equivalence to foreign qualifications.

The book is useful for Admission / Evaluation Officers , Credential Evaluators and Administrators engaged in the field of Evaluation of degrees.

PP 608 +XII DELUXE EDITION Price : Rs1000/-

The Evaluation Division deals with the work of evaluation and equivalence of degrees and diplomas awarded by the accredited foreign universities for admission to higher courses at Indian Universities. The Division provides expert assistance on the status of foreign qualifications to the Students, Universities, Central and State agencies including Ministries of the Government of India.

The Division also provides assistance to evaluation agencies of the foreign countries.
The Division examines the proposals received from the Institutions outside the purview of the Indian Universities, for granting academic equivalence to Two Year Full-time Postgraduate Diploma courses in the area of Management.(AIU as a matter of Policy do not accords equivalence to PGDM programme offered through Distance Mode)

The Division issues Equivalence Certificates to the students with foreign qualifications to facilitate their admission in Indian Universities. The students are advised to send the following documents for issuing Equivalence Certificate:

1. Degree/Certificate together with the year-wise Academic Transcript duly authenticated by the Indian Embassy in their country or their Mission in India.
2.Accreditation status of the University/Institute, the student has last attended.
3 Copies of the academic certificates from Higher Secondary onwards (where necessary)


For issue of Equivalence Certificate we charge an amount equivalent to US $ 200 in Indian Rupees payable through Demand Draft favouring "Association of Indian Universities, New Delhi".

A sum of Rs. 1125/- is charged from individuals, seeking clarifications on the accreditation status of the University/Institution intending to obtain Bank Loan. from nationalised Banks/ General Inquiry, through Demand Draft favouring "Association of Indian Universities, New Delhi".

Note: Candidates seeking admission to Medical/Engineering programmes must have studied the subjects of Physics, Chemistry, Biology/Mathematics respectively and English in Grades 11 & 12.


Memorandum of Understanding
The Association of Indian Universities have signed Protocol/Memorandum of Understanding with the following Countries:
  • Arab Republic of Egypt
  • Russian Federation
  • Australia, Germany
  • Sri Lanka

As per the provisions of the Protocol and Memorandum of Understanding, the degrees awarded by the accredited Universities of these concerned countries, for the full time programmes offered on the Campus of the country of origin, are accepted for admission to higher courses by Indian Universities on reciprocal basis. +2 stage Foreign examinations recognized by AIU

The following foreign examination have been recognized by AIU as equivalent to +2 stage qualification of an Indian Board giving access to the Bachelor Degree programme at Indian Universities, including Professional Courses.
  1. 12 years Baccalaureate Certificate of Chad, Gabon, France and Tunisia
  2. International Baccalaureat Diploma awarded by International Baccalaureate Organization Geneva, Switzerland.
  3. 12 years General Secondary Education Certificate of the Ministry of Education Bahrain, Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait, Oman, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and other Gulf countries.
  4. GCE/IGCSE/GCSE examinations of the approved British Examination Bodies, with Minimum 5 (Five) subj ects in A, B, C Grades including English at ORDINARY(‘O’) Level and 2/3 subjects at ADVANCED LEVEL has been equated with +2 stage qualification. Candidates intending to j oin Professional courses are required to have passed the subjects of Physics, Chemistry, Biology/Mathematics in ADVANCED LEVEL & English at AS LEVEL.
  5. 12 Year High School Diploma from accredited Schools of USA
  6. Intermediate/Senior Secondary/Higher Secondary examinations of the approved Boards in Pakistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan and Nepal
  7. 12 year Secondary Stage qualification of National Examinations Board of the Ministry of Education, Ethiopia, Sudan.
  8. 12-year Secondary Stage examination conducted by various Provinces in * Canada and Australia
  9. ** GCE “Ordinary and Advanced” level examination of the Department of Education, Government of Sri Lanka, Singapore, Hong Kong & Mauritus.
  10. 12 year STPM examination of Malaysia
  11. 12 year Secondary Stage qualification of Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Republic of Vietnam and Yemen Arab Republic
  12. Abitur” examination of Germany
  13. *** 12 year High School Diploma awarded by the accredited American Schools/International Schools in other countries following American System of Education.
  14. Pre University Certificate Examination of the Ministry of Education, Iran
  15. 12 year Secondary School Certificate Examination of the Ministry of Education, Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.
  16. 12 Year Secondary School Certificate Examination of the Ministry of Education, Islamic Republic of Iraq
  17. 12 Year Senior School certificate Examination of West African Examinations Council (WACE) in A, B, C Grades on a scale of 1-4 (A-1, B-2, B-3, C-4) conducted in the countries of Nigeria etc.
  18. EXAMEN D’ETAT of the Ministry of Primary, Secondary & Professional Education in the Democratic Republic of Congo.
  19. 12 year Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education Examination with more than 5 (Five) subjects in the Grades ‘A’ ‘B’ & ‘C’ of the Kenya National Examinations Council, Nairobi, Kenya.
  20. Advanced Certificate of Secondary Education Examination with minimum 2 (Two) Principal Passes & 2(Two) Subsidiary Passes of the National Examinations Council of Tanzania.
  21. Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education Examination with minimum 2 (Two) Principal Passes & 2(Two) Subsidiary Passes of the Uganda Examinations Board

*    Candidate having passed Ontario Secondary School Diploma of the Ministry of Education, Ontario should have acquired minimum 6 (Six) “U/M “ (University Preparatory Courses).

**   Candidates having passed O and A level Examinations should fulfill the same conditions as prescribed at Sr. No. (IV)

*** High School Diploma awarded by the American Schools in USA and other parts of the world should be accredited either by the State Departments of Education OR by Six Regional Accrediting Agencies in USA:
1. Middle States Association of School and Colleges.
2. New England Association of School and Colleges.
3. North Central Association of School and Colleges.
4. Northwest Association of School and Colleges.
5. Southern Association of School and Colleges.
6. Western Association of School and Colleges.
(AIU don't accepts High School Diploma pursued through ONLINE/ DISTANCE Mode)



Vasant Dada Surga Institute, Pune

* AIU as a matter of POLICY do not accords Equivalence to the Two Year Full-Time/ Three Year Part-Time Post Graduate Diploma Programmes in Management offered through Distance Mode/ Part Time.

"Extracts from the letter Dated November 5, 2003, received from Ms Jane E Schukoske, Executive Director, USEFI, India"

Prof. Dayananand Dongaonkar,
Secretary General,
Association of Indian Universities AIU House,
16, Kotla Marg,
New Delhi 110 002

Dear Prof. Dongaonkar,

I bring to your attend the enclosed letter dated October 7, 2003 from Mr. Jeffrey E Brunton, Staff Attorney, State of Hawaii, Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs, Office of Consumer Protection. It describes a law suit " "State of Hawaii v Kiensignton University, Inc. Civil No.03-1-1545-07 EEH" against Kensington University, an unaccredited degree granting institution which reportedly has affiliated selling diplomas in India. The legal complaint is also enclosed for your reference
The State of Hawaii has sued "Kensignton University, Inc" (KU), an unaccredited degree granting institution incorporated in Hawaii, for violation of its consumer protection laws since they took effect in 1999. Specifically, it alleges that KU failed to disclose that it is not accredited, failed to maintain an office in Hawaii, misrepresented the fact that it is not licensed, failed to have 25 students enrolled, and illegally accepted tuition payments. The State seeks injunctive relief, civil penalties, actual damages, plus interest, and attorneys' fees for plaintiff worldwide.
For a form to lodge complaint against Kensington University, Indian students may visit the website of the State of Hawaii Office of Consumer Protection at www.state.hi./dcca/ocp/forms.html

Thank for your attention to this matter,

Best Wishes,
Sincerely, Jane E Schukoske
Executive Director "
All students are hereby informed that in a recent judgement the ‘Circuit Court in the State of Hawaii’ in a case filed by the Office of the Consumer Protection, State of Hawaii, has announced that the “WASHINGTON AMERICAN OPEN UNIVERSITY, HAWAII, (WAOU) is not accredited by any recognized accrediting agency and is not licensed or approved by the State of Hawaii. Students intending to seek admission in the Washington American Open University, Hawaii are advised not to get themselves enrolled in any of the course offered by the University. Sd/- Secretary General

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